MAYA = Buddhas mother = "spiritual love" (Nepali)

MAYA-TRAVELS: A team of touristik specialists for several destinations in asia.

We promote a sustainable tourism concept with respect to the local people and responsibility for the environment.

Besides booking directely and safely with us, you can also be your own tour operator and book directly with one of our reliable partners at your travel destination, saving upto 10%!
MAYA-TRAVELS offers valuable information, booking tools and support.

The world grows together. Not only in the tourism, but also in view of communication technology.

The Internet offers a big diversity of information and ordering possibilities 24 hours a day.

We inform you free of charge about your travel destination. 

You book your flight, your travel insurance directly in the internet and get your tickets next day by mail.

You order and pay directly with our reliable agent and save 10% of your costs.

What we offer

A mass of information about your destination country
- Flights: Welche Fluggesellschaften führen Sie ans Ziel. Flugpläne, Preise, Bedingungen.
- Tours: Besichtigungen, Ausflüge, Rundreisen, Expeditionen, Trekking, Wildwasser, Radtouren.
- Hotels: different categories
- Travel insurances: Services and tariffs
- Administrative procedures: Documents, visa, customs
- Health: Vaccination, precautions, medicine
- Books and maps
- Equipment: Clothing, tents, nutrition, communication, navigation

Direct booking
- You organise your trip with our information
- You book directly in the internet your flights, travel insurance, tour and hotel with one of our reliable agents at your travel destination.

Your advantage

Reliable Information
- Flights
- Travel insurance
- Destination information
- Health
- Culture
- Sightseeing

Cost reduction
- Direct booking with foreign agent
- 10% reduction 
- Less cancelling fees

Time saving
- Information and communication 7 days around the clock
- No waiting for brochures
- Direct answers from the agents 

How to pay?

- You transfer the money before travelling to the account of the agent.
- You send your credit kart number and expiration date by email.
- You pay upon arrival at destination by travellers check or credit kart.

The human contact?

You can contact our partners or us by phone, fax or E-Mail.

How to procede?

Clients reactions to our services

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